16 January 2010

All the 'New'

Sorry for the delay...things around here have been crazy the past few days.
In addition to the typical work/school/drs appointments routine, we found out that my hubby was accepted into a specialty school & finally got his class dates, so we're getting all the necessary paperwork, etc in place for that. Super excited for him & anxious for an upcoming move this summer...not so much the fact he'll be out of state for 8 weeks. Such is the life though, right?
Also gearing up for a Wyoming-Florida roadtrip early next month, which is always fun. My kids love roadtrips, which I think is amazing, especially since typically they can't stand being in the car just for a Wal-Mart run. I think we're going to stop at the Pony Express Musuem in St. Joseph, MO this time too...as well as the Arch in St. Louis. For those who haven't been, I highly recommend it. That whole area is just beautiful.
Also in the midst of this chaos, I've been finishing up more products for the site, which -should- all be up by Sunday. I have some new diapers & nursing pads, in addition to one of the nursing necklaces (I'm having an order issue on the clasps. =/), some spring/summer kids' clothes, and diaper travel cases. Check it out!

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