09 February 2010

FL vs WY in February...

Even though its been rainy and 'cold' according to the locals since we got here, hands down I SO miss living in Florida during the winter. Wyoming has had snow and frost since September, so the 60* weather alone these past few days has been worth the vacation.

Other than that, just spending time with family, who we haven't seen in almost a year, & prepping for Saturday, which will be a mass birthday party for several family members, including my dad who hits 50...let the old man jokes commence.

Also, I know I'm late, but I'm super excited...I've won 2 blog giveaways this week! For someone fairly new at this, I'm thrilled. So, if you're not already, follow awesome bloggers Sugar Pop Ribbons & Oh My Baby for some sweet future contests!


Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with you. I live in FL & actually don't like it very much. But I think I would like snow & frost in September even less

christy rose said...

Hi I am returning the follow from Friday Follow! You have a beautiful family.