02 March 2010

In Like a Lion...

Wow. March 2010 is already upon us...crazy. The year seems to be just flying by.

Got some mildly good news yesterday, which after being sick for nearly 2 weeks is more than welcomed. Turns out I -don't- have a kidney infection like originally thought. Which is great....minus the fact that my kidneys are still acting up. Somehow. More labs yesterday will hopefully yield some results either tomorrow or Thursday. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed it's not kidney stones. That + pregnancy....? Anyone else have any experience with that?

Also in pregnancy news, LO seems to be a little further than we may have originally thought, based on basic fundal measurements. Either that or its twins, as DH likes to oh-so-lovingly joke around. -sigh- Either way, unless a scan is ordered for the above kidney issues, we won't know until around 20wks. Due to budget cut backs, our insurnace only allows ONE ultrasound @ the midway mark. Boo.

Speaking of the hubby, he'll be leaving (TDY) for Texas next weekend for 8 weeks. I really don't know where I'm even going to begin getting things together for the impending summer move that lies ahead. He's been extra-awesome these past few weeks, even after having to work a 16hr shift. Thankfully he doens't blog though so I don't have to be reminded of this at a later date!!! lol

Alrighty, well, I'm thinking thats everything at the moment...getting ready to mindlessly vedge out & watch Idol. ;) Give-away package should finally be done & announced next week!


christy rose said...

Oh maybe twins? How exciting! :)

Traci said...

Well, I hope you are feeling better. I'm sorry your husband is away. My husband had a TDY to El Paso (we were in Houston) for most of my second pregnancy. It's tough. I hope it helps to know that you are not alone. Take care.