27 May 2010

Baby x3 / 22wk Update

I realized earlier that it's been awhile since I gave a true update, so without further ado...

Today Gwenna & I hit 22wks! It's crazy. Some days I can't believe I'm this far, others it's like I've been pregnant forever. Ah, the joy of pregnancy. lol
Speaking of countdowns, DH got a final cut of his orders after month of waiting & we'll be moving for sure by August 15th! Good-bye Wyoming, hello Georgia. Only 4hrs from family & friends right in time before our latest addition is due to arrive & the insanity of the holiday season begins.

So, if you're keeping tabs, it's 12wks til moving day, 18wks til baby girl is due. And alot of packing to do in the meantime. =)

Here's a few pictures from recently as an added bonus. lol Don't forget to check back tomorrow for a special shop announcement!

Me w/a few of my favorite people.

Today's belly shot

Packing Gwenna' clothes...I think she's set. lol

Swaddler Blankets & Nursing Pillow Covers for my girl. Thinking about adding some to the shop. Thoughts?

1 comment:

Katrina said...

I wish I would have had more swaddle blankets when my son was newborn! I think you should try selling some!