23 June 2010

Summer Update!

Wow...it's been awhile! Things have been insane on my end lately, so please bear with me as there are probably alot of details worth mentioning!

Monsters 1 & 2 - Kids are doing awesome. Drew had his play school graduation/park play date at the beginning of the month...I can't believe my man will be going into Pre-K this fall. Or turn 5. It doesn't feel like that much time has flown by already! He's doing much better with actual school though...we had a few behavior & fine motor issues awhile back, but everything seems to be working its way out just fine. He can even write his own name unassisted now, which is a major milestone considering he wouldn't even try to pick up a pencil for the longest time! He's also starting to 'read' (recognize) small words like car, dog, ball, etc in his books. =)
Lynneth is well...her usual prima donna self. =) We're working on potty training still with her & some days I feel like maybe -I'm- the one who just doesn't get it. She'll keep her diaper dry for HOURS, go potty for her daddy with no issues, but the minute I put panties on her, she pees. -sigh- I'm was really hoping to have her done by the time Gwenna was born, but I don't see that happening as of now. The new goal is to be good during the day & still working on nap/bedtime. Wish me luck. She'll most likely be starting playschool this fall, which again, I can't believe I'll have 2 in school...nuts. But I'm worried they may not take her due to the potty issue. So hopefully that'll be a good bribe to pull out if need be. Lyn is also working on writing her name solo, but she can spell it on her own & recognizes the majority of her colors/shapes, says her ABCs & can count to 20. =)

Gwenna/Pregnancy - I'm officially on the 100 day countdown as of TODAY. Pure awesomeness...I feel like everything has just been dragging with Gwenna, but going down to the double digits really helps show how far we -have- come. I have almost everything ready & packed away for her, minus a crib, dresser, & travel system which we're getting when we unpack in Georgia. She is also definitely a future soccer player...must be the World Cup madness. She'll kick so hard lately that already my whole stomach will jump. Which the kids & hubby find hilarious. While cute, mommy finds it more painful than anything. lol

PCS - Moving day is less than 2 months away! FINALLY. My house is already a mess of boxes & packing tape...help. lol The only thing I'm getting really nervous about is going into labor (I'll be almost 34wks) on the 1500+mi drive from WY - GA. I'm so stressed about it, I keep dreaming it'll happen somewhere in Missouri, which is none to reassuring. =/ Good news is we've already signed for our house & should be able to have the moving truck there to deliver our goods within a week of actually arriving. Way better than the month or so we had to wait in TLF when we arrived here.

Shop - Yes, I've been slacking. lol But I managed to get around to listing a bunch of new products yesterday...since general feedback showed interest in a little bit of everything, that's just what was added. So, in addition to the cloth diapers, nursing pads, & nursing necklaces, longies, burp cloths, swaddle blankets, & nursing pillow covers are now available at mommyx3monsters! Below is a preview of some new goodies...enjoy!

Well, I -think- that's most of what's been happening on my end lately. I'll try to be more diligent with updates as moving day, school, & labor approaches. =)

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