18 September 2010

Patience is a virtue...

...that I'm slowly running out of!

I'm 12 days out from my EDD with x3 & have come to the realization that being pregnant roughly 2.25 out of 5yrs is, for lack of a better word, exhausting. As much as I love my kids, I'm now as sure as ever that Gwenna will be out last little one. Perk, by the time baby is 18, I'll only be 40. Plenty of time for Sam & I to enjoy the kids & whatever after holds as they continue to blossom. =)

As far as an actual pregnancy update, I had my 38wk appointment last Wednesday & was slightly disappointed. Apparently the NP who did my exam the week before (37wks) is still new to the field & slightly off in her measurements. So instead of being almost fully effaced & 3+cm dilated, I measured roughly 80% effaced still & about 2cm. However, the squats & stretching I've been doing have paid off seeing as little miss is no longer posterior & has dropped to the -1 station. I go back this Wednesday (39wks) & am hoping for some good news, especially since there is a full moon & seasonal shift occurring this week! Just maybe Mother Nature will lend me a hand...

Now that I've got my pregnant rant of the day out of my system, I'm sorry to say I've slacked off again this past week & did a horrible job promoting the giveaway for the shop. =( After baby is born/before the holidays I'll host another soon, promise! Also, I'm going to be adding in a custom listing for homemade soaps to the shop. Natural bases & oils, they're all I use for the family anymore & figured I'd share. Here's an example I made for the little monsters in my family for a Halloween treat:

Who wouldn't want to play with a little spider bouncing around the tub at bath time? As long as it's plastic, of course...& smells like honey & almonds. ;)

Speaking of Halloween, costumes have been a hot topic of discussion lately! So, any ideas what you & your little ones will be dressing up as this year?
My kids have decided to go the Toy Story route. I'll be keeping up with Slinky Dog (Drew), Jessie (Lyn), & an Alien (Gwen) this year for trick or treating.

Well, that's all I can think of for now...shop is still open, but orders might be delayed for a few days from here on out depending on when our diva decides to arrive. Take care & happy early Mabon!

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