18 January 2011

31 Day Photo Challenge / Days 13 & 14

Since I was a slacker yesterday, here's a double dose to catch up...

Day 13 - A picture of your favorite band or artist.

Just one? Not possible. So sit back & enjoy a quick rundown of who rules my playlist...

Day 14 - A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without.

I have 3. =)

If you told me 6 years ago that I'd have 3 kids today I probably would have laughed in your face & walked off muttering what an idiot you were. Just goes to show how much I've grown up since then. Each of my kids have taught me a new lesson about myself and that motherhood isn't about sacrificing yourself so that your child's needs are met. Rather it's about finding yourself hidden in the shadows of the person you THOUGHT you were. Each little piece that comes to the surface is proof that I would never be who or where I am today without their help.

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