06 September 2013

DIY Flip Books!

01.Sept.13 - The Monsters

Last Sunday we checked another "first" off for x3....her first zoo trip!  And a first visit for all of us to Zoo Atlanta, as our previous zoo trips were to either Jacksonville Zoo (FL) or Denver Zoo (CO).  The life of a military brat, right? lol
Needless to say the kids (as well as DH & I) had tons of fun seeing all the animals, but it was x3 who really fell in love with everything, leading to the inevitable meltdown as we left the gift shop without the "zoo aminals" book she had her little hopes set on. 
While looking through the day's pictures (& trying to ease the guilt of feeling like a "mean momma") on the drive home I got an idea.....MAKING x3 her very own zoo flip book!

Flip book!

 I let her pick out her favorite dozen animals that we saw on our zoo trip & printed them out, laminated them, punched a hole through the top corner of each (once before laminating & once after) & then attached them all to an index card ring!

Front side - Pictures

 All in all I think the final product turned out pretty cute!  I even wrote the names of all the animals on the back of their picture so that she can use them flashcard style.

Back side - Animal Names

Total cost for our flip book ended up being just under $4 total!  Prints were .30ea (4x6 pictures x12), I already had the laminater & paper, & I found index rings 20/$4.  MUCH more budget friendly than the $16.95 they were offering up at the gift shop.

"Look momma!  It's the lion!  RAWR!"

I've caught her flipping though the book several times a day since talking about the different animals & sounds that they make.  I think it's safe to say she's happy with mommy's modified version too.

Bonus perk - They're also compact enough to stuff in the purse or diaper bag!

Making the zoo animal flip book also sparked other ideas.  You can do colors, numbers, the alphabet, body parts, a memory/family member book....the possibilities are endless! 

Anyone else interested make their own flip books?  I'd love to see the final products! 
Feel free to share the links below!


Jackie P said...

This activity could easily go for a high schooler too. You could have them match animals to their genus and species. They could sketch the animal on the front of a blank 4X6 index card and put the genus on the other side and on another card put the species. Then you could do lots of different games or use them as flashcards or study aids.

Thanks for the great idea!

Let's Homeschool High School Team Member

Maddie said...

Very true!
Thanks for the idea & for stopping by! :)