13 January 2014

What a week!

This past week has been a blur filled with basketball games, a puppa party, doctor's appointment, family visiting, a trip the movies, & so much fun in between!
Here's a recap:

Day 7
x3 & I getting our selfie on...

Day 8
x1 sinks a free throw in his first basketball game!

Day 9
Happy 3rd birthday to our labahoula, Seren! We threw another puppy party after school to celebrate!

Day 10
x2 getting a clean bill of health from a recent pneumonia scare.

Day 11
A rare appearance by my (not-so) little brother! He & Gigi hung out with us for the weekend. :)

Day 12
Sadly, no pictures. :( But we had fun seeing "Frozen" & enjoying a nice Sunday family dinner.

Day 13
x2 showing off her skills on the court! Shorty might not be able to shoot, but she sure can steal!

-whew- That's us lately in a nutshell! :)

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