23 April 2010

Another Friday...

...time to bring on the weekend!

This week's been full of insanity, I swear...The beautiful weather I mentioned just a few days ago now being rain and SNOW. Yes folks, snow...in almost May. Oh Southeast, how I miss you & look forward to the feeling the heat again this summer!

Heads-up, there have also been several glitches in the AwLiKids site with orders. Apparently, specifics aren't going through as they should so please, note which PATTERNS of product you are purchasing when checking out so I can get orders out in a timely matter. =)

Also, rumer is the host I use may not be free anymore soon...Honestly, I'm thinking about just moving everything over to Etsy. Seems to be the best place for mom-made items & an easier combonation of eBay & a seperate online store. Etsy users/sellers, I'd LOVE to hear your input on this!

The good news is that we are finally down to only a 3wk wait til we find out what gender Babyx3 is & DH comes home from his training! Yay!

Have an awesome Friday everyone...& STAY WARM! <3


Katrina said...

We got snow yesterday too! I woke up to almost 3 inches. it is gone now, and supposed to be 70 today, but still! hehe.
I use etsy and like it. =) It is just easy to use, and cheaper than ebay.

.Maddie. said...

Great to hear!
I feel you on the weather...we went from shorts to snow boots in a matter od 3 days. =/
So weird. lol

Heavenly Savings said...

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Ali @ Mommie Life said...

Following you back and I just love your adorable blog!! I can't wait to go check out your store! I love supporting other moms!! :)

Letherton said...

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Thanks :)


Traci said...

Looking forward to hearing boy or girl!