19 April 2010

Good News...

Part 1 - We made a feature! Yay!
Just wanted to shout out a huge thanks to Mommy's Memorandum blog for running a feature on AwLiKids products! Check it out here.

Part 2 - Cheyenne is FINALLY having awesome weather....lots of healthy sun, weed-pulling, baseball in the yard & all right in time for Earth Week!

Which leads me to question for all of you...what do you do to help your family live greener? And is there anything more eco-friendly you want to try but haven't gotten around to yet?

We cloth diaper w/cloth wipes, use reusable bags at the store, have replaced chemical cleaners & soaps with homemade/natural based alternatives, shop frequently secondhand/save hand-me-downs, only run the dishwasher/washing machine/dryer when full, & usually bathe the kids together. I'd LOVE to make some unpaper towels, but DH is still kind of leery about it. Any suggestions?

Can't wait to hear your responses!


Chantel said...

What is unpaper towels? I've never heard of that? I recently replaces ALL of our cleaning products with Seventh Generation products. I love them. They smell like Thyme. I also got some laundry soap too. It doesn't smell like Thyme, but it still smells pretty great.

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