10 April 2010


Finally, after several months of this pregnancy kicking my butt & my sewing machine deciding to go kaput, I was able to finish & upload a bunch of new diapers, necklaces, & nursing pads to the site tonight! The site has been tweaked slightly as well, to make it easier to navigate around. Check it out! =)


As for pregnancy updates, I started feeling kicks this week! So happy, considering the rollar coaster ride we had last month. I -think- the hubby & I have finally got our names narrowed down as well, which has been really hard this time around, considering we already have one boy & one girl. Just a little over a month to go til the big U/S.

Here's a picture update, since I haven't listed one in a good while...its from 14wks & I just hit 15wks this past Thursday. Oops...lol.
Enjoy! <3 Maddie


Emmy said...

Yes, we are finding the third much harder to name also! Hope you hope feeling better.

.Maddie. said...

Thanks & congrats! When's your new LO due?

Little Lizard King said...

Your site is incredible! The skull and cross bones diaper might be my favorite!