14 July 2010

Playing Catch Up...

-sigh- Seems like the story of my life lately. Every time I come to update, I find something else I need to work on, but finally, blog time!

Shop News
As mentioned before, I'm going to be closing mommyx3monsters shop on Etsy temporarily while we're on the move from Wyoming to Georgia. Orders will not be accepted past midnight on Wednesday, 21.Jul.10, giving you all about a week to get any last minute goodies. I'm hoping to reopen with the current stash of products by Labor Day.

Life in general...
...has been insane the past few weeks. Gwenna has defiantly taken the crown for craziest pregnancy & seems to do whatever possible to let everyone know about her title.
I had a fun ER experience back on 03/04.Jul with severe pelvic pain & strong Braxton Hicks. Seems my little one has decided to go transverse on me & has overstretched mommy's groin muscle in the process. Awesome sauce. The muscle relaxers I'm on don't allow me to drive, which means no 1500mi road trip in August for us. Instead the kids & I are flying to Florida next Friday & staying a few weeks with family until our house in Georgia is ready. As much as I love the long road trip, I'll admit that 4hrs sound incredibly more bearable than 28hrs in a little Cruiser right about now. Poor Sam though...he'll be flying with us to FL & about 18hrs later, round-tripping back to WY just to drive to GA alone 15.Aug. Crazy hubby. <3 As for the kiddos, all is well. Still working on potty training Lyn, who's been doing slightly better. We actually had no accidents at all yesterday, until I turned the shower on for bath time. =/ At least we were already in the bathroom though, right? lol Drew is just as crazy as ever. His energy is through the roof, so I'm hoping his Unk will feel up to the challenge of running him out while we're visiting. =) Also, we're #4 on the waiting list for pre-k at our new base, so hoping for good vibes there! & as far as I can tell, Gwenna is doing great. Like I mentioned earlier, driving mommy insane, but healthy, which is all that really matters in the end anyway. We'll be 29wks tomorrow & I finally got around to finishing her birth plan last night.
Sam & I are basically just packing like crazy. Somehow, our 4yr wedding anniversary has crept up on us (29.Jul) & I'm hoping an awesome celebration idea will hit me. Seeing as we'll be in different states though, I highly doubt it. Just that much more to celebrate next year I suppose. =)
We took the kids down to the Rocky Mountains/Colorado one last time last weekend. I will say, I'll defiantly miss the scenery out here. But you can take the 11 months of snow & antelope surplus. Pictures below & kudos to those who've made it this far!
<3 Maddie

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