01 August 2010

Soaking up the Florida sun...

Needless to say, we survived our 10+hr trip from WY-CO-TX-FL & have been in Florida for about a week now. I can't believe how quickly everything is going...especially with today being the 1st. Like I mentioned on my Facebook earlier, in 3 months time my 'baby' boy will be 5, girlie will be 3.5, & the actual baby will be around 1 month. It's nuts.

Also, super psyched that in just about 2.5wks Sam will be back in FL & we'll be driving up to our new place in GA. FINALLY. Patience is a virtue that has definitely begun to wear its way thin with me as of late. Okay, so that's mainly the pregnancy hormones talking. Either way, I'm glad to finally have the finish line is sight!

Thursday (05.Aug) is also mine & Gwenna's 32wk milestone & I'm so ready to start nesting. I've been drooling over different travel systems & cribs to buy her and can't wait to actually get her things out to make it feel like we're expecting another baby. I can't tell you how many times I'd dig through her box in WY just to look at all her clothes & wish I could set up for her. Again I say finally. For those of you that are interested, here's what we've decided to get...
(Can you tell I'm ready to get everything organized? lol)


^^Travel System^^
Bedding will be Baby Sesame Street...the same sheets that have been so loved by both her older siblings. =)

Other than the regular chaos, life's been good. Even though Sam & I weren't able to spend our actual anniversary together, we were able to 'bribe' Gigi & Poppa to watch the monsters for about an hour while just the 2 of us went out for lunch before Sam had to hop a flight back to Wyo. I also got some baby yarn & have been crocheting Gwen a little blankie in the meantime. Lime green & pink just seem to be that girl's colors, which is awesome considering Lyn has kind of claimed orange & purple. Should make things easy to coordinate in their room at the very least.

Other than that, just lots of sun & swimming to make up for the endless winters we've been through the last 2yrs. Since everything is pretty much on track it looks like I'll be able to reopen the shop with current stock by Labor Day. Also, getting close to 100 fans on our Facebook page...debating on a giveaway if we reach that mark, so stay tuned!
Scroll for pics, enjoy! -Maddie-

^^Monsters very first airplane adventure^^

^^Making Waves^^

^^Belly @ 30 & 31wks!^^

^^Most of Gwenna's NB/S Diaper Stash^^
Not pictured are about a dozen Sunbaby snaps, 12 Kawaii Baby OS, & a green hippie fleece NB, & a small mountain of soakers. Needless to say, I think little miss is set for the first few months!

Oh! Speaking of diapers, there are some great giveaways going on right now...
My friend Chantel over at Growing Up...Townsend Style! is currently hosting an awesome giveaway. The prize? 1 free Bummis Easy Fit OS!
Fluff Envy is also giving away an AppleCheeks Little Bundle & Weehuggers cover for their August promotion. Hurry up & enter while you still can!!!


Chantel said...

Thanks for the advertising Maddie. You full of awesomeness...And baby!..lol..

.Maddie. said...

haha. Awesomeness, always. =)
Baby, hopefully not much longer. I'm so ready for her just to be OUT already!