05 August 2010

32wk u/s 'Findings'

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So, Gwenna & I hit 32wks today. Super excited everything finally seems to be going well through our current chaos & even more so because the dr I visited today (family friend who agreed to temporarily care for me before we get to Georgia) hinted at an ultrasound.

Well, the exam room was packed for the u/s. It was hilarious...besides 1 ER visit in WY with Sam & the kids, I've been alone for every exam & sono, so I was really happy the rest of my family could be a part of the pregnancy updates, like they would occasionally with Drew & Lyn. Anyway, the dr starts scanning & pointing out different parts of baby....brain, bladder, feet (which are wedged up in my ribcage), & placenta.

Seems that my previous OB neglected to tell me that my placenta is anterior & low, giving me a really good chance of developing placenta previa within the next few weeks. Now, you'd think with all the freaking heartbeat trouble, etc I had earlier on that the OB would have mentioned -something- about an anterior (front) placenta? Apparently that's just not an important piece of information for them to pass along...

Thankfully, Gwenna is not posterior at the moment, as she's head down facing into my back. (she was transverse at my last appointment) I've got a good 4wks to hope she can shift around my placenta, or it looks like I may end up having to cave for a c-section closer to time. =/

Other good news - heartbeat is a healthy 154bmp & it appeared that she weighs just over 4lbs. All her little organs look to just about be finished developing as well. Most likely I'll be back in around 34wks to double check on things before we leave for Georgia & hopefully will get good news on her positioning. & maybe a printout to show off...their printer sadly wasn't working.

-sigh- That's about it for the moment I guess. Gotta go check back on Drew, who spiked a small fever this morning & has been sick since. Ah, the insanity that is mommyhood.

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Chantel said...

Oh no! Hopefully you won't need a c-section! I bet things will work out.

.Maddie. said...

Thanks hun, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
It just irks me more than anything that I -asked- about the placenta @ my 20wk u/s because of the tear I'd had earlier & the dr. said it was fine & in a 'great' position.
I swear that office is staffed with ducks. =/