11 August 2010

Another Day, Another Adventure...

So I was scheduled to check in with my temp OB today for the basics one last time before heading up to Georgia next week. Everything looked good & I'm even kidney infection free (finally!!!) until we got to the fundal height. I'm supposed to be around 35cm (+/- 5cm) & Gwenna was only measuring at 27cm, so I got referred for another sonogram just to double check on Little Miss's amniotic fluid, weight, & development.

The exam went really well. Everything is fine, she's just super cushioned in my back, thanks in part to my anterior placenta. Although it does seem that she's been able to squirm her way around & get in a nice, head down position, which means higher hopes for another natural birth! Yay! =D

Also got some awesome pictures. Poor Gwenna is so cramped...her feet, head, & hands are in my pelvis, slightly to the right while her butt & knees are all up under my ribcage. About 7 more weeks to go baby girl & then you can stretch, promise!

I also took a few fun belly shots earlier, since I hadn't done so since before leaving Wyoming. Enjoy! -Maddie-

Also, if you haven't done so, please check out LO's ExpectNet & guess on all the fun birth details!

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Natalie said...

Hi! I found your blog through someone else's...though I don't remember who! Congratulations on your soon to be here arrival!

I was drawn to your blog because of your blog's name. Mine is Mommy of a Monster (I Mean Toddler) and Infant Twins...and I've been throwing around the idea of changing it to Mommy of 3 Monsters :)

Nice to meet you!