02 September 2010

36 Weeks!

Ah, time seems to have gotten away from me yet again this past month! We've managed our move in to our new house in Georgia & are loving things thus far. We had one issue with the moving truck & our breakables, but weighing that against our house, neighborhood, doctors, base...everything just seems so much better here for us than it was in Wyoming & the kids have adjusted so well! I'm so proud of my monsters.

Speaking of, Drew & Lyn had their well-checks today (required for pre-k). At 4y10m monster man checks in at 42.5lbs & 43in & prima donna is 30.5lbs & 36in at 3y4m. Finally broke the 30lb barrier! Yay! Both the kiddos scored average or above for all areas of growth & development (physical, mental, social) & each had to get a shot, which is never a good thing. Especially with Drew...when he was little we had to get him an IV for dehydration due to a really bad flu & the poor guy ended up blowing a vein. Needless to say he's had a needle phobia ever since. Here's hoping he gets over that if he wants to follow in his daddy's footsteps & be in the Air Force!

Now for Gwenna...as many of you may have guessed from the blog's title, we hit 36wks today & less than a month away from having baby girl in our arms. Not too much to report on her end...mild contractions & a precautionary ER trip last week, but no progression toward labor yet. We do go again Tuesday for another ultrasound to check on her fluid levels, since she's still measuring really small as far as fundal height goes, & I have an appointment for Thursday to check to see if she's still posterior or not, so expect an update after the Labor Day weekend!

And now...pictures! Finally got my house box-free & clean to share with you all. Really didn't think anyone wanted to see the clutter after the truck was unloaded! So enjoy the before & afters...also included are some randoms of my little helpers. <3 Maddie

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Chantel said...

I didn't see the decorated pictures. Looks like you're pretty much set to get her here!