07 January 2011

31 Day Photo Challenge // Day 03

Day 03 - A picture of the cast from your favorite show.

My all-time hands down favorite show would have to be Charmed. I was hooked from the first episode and it's awesomely cheesy special effects. My first web page was a fan site I made on when I was thirteen & plastered with 'the Power of Three' photos. And no, Andrew is not named for Andy Trudeau. Yes, friends & family have asked me if that's where I got my monster man's name several times. Mere coincidence, I swear, regardless of my Charmed obsession at the time.

I loved Piper. Throughout everything she was always my favorite of the sisters. I'd choose Cole over Leo any day & Chris over Wyatt. The show got a breath of fresh air when Paige stepped in to replace Prue (who should have been axed out episodes before in my opinion). The Kaley Cuoco run, sorry, was pathetic but the Billy Zane multi-episode cameo toward the end of the show's run was pure genius & helped the show go out on a high note. Yes ladies & gentlemen, I truly was hooked through thick & thin with the Halliwells from about 10yrs old until just after my 18th birthday. =)

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