11 February 2011

Finally Friday!

Mild Rant...I thought that after living in Wyoming for the past 2 years another Southern winter would be a piece of cake. WRONG. Georgia has been freezing & I forgot how quickly the high 60*/low 20* days get everyone sick. DH has it, DS has allergies, DDs have their noses full, & mommy gets the top prize of a head & chest cold. Walk-in clinic, here I come, just in time for the weekend.

Now that that's out of my system (ha...), just wanted to remind you guys that the giveaway for a FREE custom AIO ends this weekend (2/12)! Head on over to Chantel's blog for all the details while there's still time!

Off to blog-hop with my babies...hope you all have a great (& germ-free) weekend! lol

1 comment:

kewkew said...

Sorry you have to be dealing with sickness. Hope everyone gets better soon.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now following you. If you are interested I co host the Welcome Weekend Blog Hop. Love the pic of your kids from Wed!!