26 September 2011

Last First Birthday

This past weekend we hit a huge milestone....we celebrated our last monster's first birthday.

Yes, Gwenna is a whole year old now...I can't believe how fast that went! Saturday we had family in & friends over for her Marie/Aristocat's themed party...

...complete with music & finger painting, which resulting in a dozen or so half naked children running around the yard waiting to be hosed off.

She was all happy with her little smash cake & even decided to share with her big sibs by smearing frosting in their hair.

But I got the "tee-you" kisses afterwards for cleaning her up. =)

Happy birthday little beauty...here's to many more. <3
So, how did you all spend your weekend?


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Happy birthday to your 1-year-old. I love her cake covered face. That's the good life! :)

SoCal Sweetheart said...

YAY! happy bday how cuteeeeee the caked face is !