19 September 2011


Anyone else feel like sometimes you just need to take a break & get back in tune with nature? Seeing as the fall equinox is right around the corner, I figured today would be a perfect day to do just that. After dropping the big kids off at school, Gwen, the hubby (who coincidentally had the day off), & I packed up for the 20 minute car ride over to Macon, GA & explored the mounds at Ocmulgee National Monument.

The view was absolutely breath-taking.

And the nature trail wasn't half bad either. Four miles round trip with my baby girl in tow...needless to say, I was proud & oh-so-thankful to have splurged for a Boba last month.

Sunny skies, a gentle wind, and miles of grass & trees. What more can you ask for in a peaceful day outdoors?

Anyone else have a happy spot outdoors they're willing to share?

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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Beautiful photos! Your little girls look so happy back there. I love getting out into nature. I just don't do it enough. I'm hoping to get up to the mountains in the next couple weeks. :)