12 September 2011

Ten Years Later

I'm sure everyone reading has, in their own way, recognized the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. It's crazy to think how much has changed in such a relatively small time.

Showing my age (or, perhaps, lack there of) I can remember just getting to my 2nd period class in 8th grade & seeing my teacher (a former Green Beret) in a heated debate with one of the school's security officers. The officer wanted all TVs off at the school for the time being, to protect us. A few of my classmates & I shuffled by quickly to see what the TV was showing, what was so forbidden for us to see. And within minutes of getting into class, we watched live as the first tower of the World Trade center fell. Life hasn't been the same again after that.

I lived in a highly military town at the time...3 bases within an hour or so of each other. Many of my friends were military dependents and I can remember their faces as they promised to join & defend at such a young age. I'm happy to say, most have & are successful in what they do, over all branches, protecting us here at home.
The one that holds my heart the strongest, of course, if my husband. A soon-to-be sergeant in the USAF, he's given our children & I a whole new view of the tragedy that took place ten years ago & the long wars that have followed. Through my own military life I've known spouses watch their husbands leave for the desert deployment and never get the chance to return home. I've seen children scream & cry because they're too young to fully comprehend the life and world they were born into. I've seen the heartbreak as families line the street when an unmarked car drives into base housing, carrying the letter none of us ever want to read.
And yet, I've seen hope. I've seen love. I've seen people take in strangers and become family. I've seen first hand what an amazing country we truly are because of our selfless men & women. The silent heroes, regardless of rank or uniform, who serve & protect for the promise that the lives they save in place of their own will make a better tomorrow.

With that, all I feel that is left to say is "thank you". So simple, but yet nothing else can express your contributions better. Here's to the future & an undying hope that very soon all can come home, safe & sound, where they belong.

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kewkew said...

Very powerful post. Thank you