31 October 2011

All Hallow's Eve / October Wrap-Up!

I can't believe it's pumpkin time again! October has flown by here...

Monster News - All 3 are doing great. Gwenna, now 13m, had her first ER visit last night for a bump/cut on her eyebrow, but is thankfully fine & getting some well-deserved rest at the moment. She's grown by leaps & bounds these past few months & is now walking like a pro on her own & it seems every day she's learning a new word or two. We've also had a handful of successful potty trips, so -fingers crossed- my endless run in diapers is coming to a close in the next year or so!

Lynneth, 4.5y, is doing WONDERFULLY in school, little social butterfly that she is, and had her 'firstest' field trip to the park/pumpkin patch last week. We had a blast. She's also fully potty trained now, not even any accidents at night for the past few months!

Andrew....6 tomorrow. This boy is going to kill me. Figuratively, of course, but he's gotten so big this year in school. The past few weeks Drew has been the one to read me stories before bed. He's also quite the little guardian of his sisters, avid star-gazer, & and awesome puppy-watcher.

Sam & I....where to begin? Sam made promotion back in August, just finished a semester of online classes, and goes to Airman Leadership School starting next week. I've just finished midterms (A average in both classes - woohoo!), working on research papers, and trying to figure out a way to switch my major over from Psychology to Journalism/Mass Communications. While Psych is interesting, inside I'm just a booknerd who loves to write. So instead of fighting, I'm just going with the flow on that one & am really excited to get into some of my classes next semester.

Shop news - mommyx3monsters is currently holding a Halloween Costume Contest. Post submissions (1 per child) on the wall no later than tomorrow, Nov. 1st, & then voting is 2nd-4th, winner announced Nov. 5th! Up for grabs is $20 off your next shop purchase...can't wait to see your little monsters!

Happy Trick-or-Treating to all & have a fun/safe night!

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