03 December 2011

DIY Ornaments

Every year the monsters & I like to decorate the tree with & hand out homemade ornaments to family and friends. This year I decided to reach back to an old recipe I hadn't played with in awhile...salt dough!
Super easy. Mix 2c flour with 1c salt.

Gradually add in 1c water, mix, & knead into a ball.

Roll out on a flat FLOURED surface for cookie cutter ornaments, or mold into the shape of your choice.

Bake @250* for 60-90m, depending on amount & thickness. Ours took about 75m.
TIP - Poke a ribbon hole BEFORE you bake. Otherwise you risk cracking/breaking. I used the top of a pen cap for ours.

Look for hairline cracking & light browning on the backs & edges to signal they're ready to come out & cool.

I set mine aside to cool on the counter for about 2hrs, aka lunch & naptime, before we started to paint. Drew & Lyn LOVED designing certain ornaments for certain recipients.

Gwen was thrilled to finger paint...

..until she discovered the ornaments weren't edible. That pretty much ended her interest & involvement in the project.

Finished products. Just need some ribbon & they're ready for their new homes!

Anyone else have any DIY decoration ideas for the season? I'd love to hear them!


Chantel said...

So cute! I'll have to try this next year when I have kids who aren't breaking all of my ornaments....Or so I hope.

.maddie. said...

lol. Our tree has always been ridiculously top heavy. Barely anything stays on the bottlom!