15 December 2011

DIY Bathsalts

If you haven't figured it out by now, the monsters like to do a LOT of homemade gifts. Last week's adventure........bath salts!

We used Epsom salt, sweet almond oil, food coloring, essence oils, funnel, & a variety of collected plastic & glass jars from around the house.

First, pour 3 cups Epsom salt into bowl A & 3 cups of salts into bowl B. Add 1/4tsp sweet almond oil (optional), 6-9 drops food coloring, & 3-6 drops oil, scent of your choice. We chose Berry for our pink/red & Peppermint for our green. Mix well / til completely blended.

While we were mixing up our salts we started talking about names for our scent. Mint Berry, perhaps? Nope....the winner was Berry Minty. Because, according to Drew, "...it's berry, like berries AND very, & then minty! Get it mom? Huh?" Yeah, he's my comic relief alright. ;)

Now the fun part....layering! The funnel DEFINITELY helped reduce salt-spillage. For an added bonus we also added the little bit of white salts left over from earlier.

All done! =D

Next week = Winter Break. I'm thinking I might have to pull out an old TP roll craft. Stay tuned!

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