24 February 2012

Sandbox Dilemma.

Recently we were gifted with a Crabby sandbox for the monsters. With warmer weather moving in I started doing my typical price comparison online for where I could get the most sand for the least price.

Then I found this article on sandbox sand, written by Katy at Non-Toxic Kids.

Yike. Cancer causing sand? REALLY!?!?!? I looked around & sure enough most of the 'playground' or 'sandbox' sand sold locally through most large retail stores here is labeled with 'Not for sale in California'.

So I started the search for safe, non-toxic, silcia & asbestos free sand. I found two companies, Silica Free Sand and Safe Sand. Biggest downfall? Price. You're looking at $1+ per pound for sand, which is in the neighborhood of $50-60 for a small sand/water table & upwards of $200 for a standard sized sandbox. No thanks.

My solution to this year's sandbox dilemma....dirt. It's available for as little as $1/bag & harmless. For the monsters, digging is digging. Rather be safe than sorry! =)


Anonymous said...

I'd go to a rock free beach lmao

.maddie. said...

haha. I'd be afraid what else I'd bring back though. >.<

Melissa @ Little Raindrops said...

Have you found a solution or are the monsters still playing in the dirt? If you haven't by now, maybe aquarium gravel? I found it online in 25 pound bags for $0.54/lb. Or, if you keep the sandbox covered in the rain, maybe rice? Not as cheap as the aquarium gravel, but for $0.75/lb, still cheaper than the sand you found.
I think dirt is probably just as fun, though. :-)

maddie said...

I actually found play sand for around $7/bag that did not have the Cali warning on it! There's no dust whatsoever either & it's super soft. The kids have loved it!