02 March 2012

Victory Garden 2012

Since last year's garden went so well, I've decided to go bigger & better this year with the monsters!
New garden plots, new fruits/veggies attempted, new methods....it's been a bit of a challenge, but I think it'll all be worth it come summer/fall.
One new addition to our garden this year is a homemade trellis. My veggies usually fail on flimsy stakes & I just couldn't bring myself to buy a small piece of climbing/slatted fencing for $10+. So I came up with this:

For just about $5 I have a DIY trellis of sorts for my pole beans. Wooden stakes are sold in sets of six at home depot for around $2 & I bought some boaters rope from Walmart for under $3.
Just hammer stakes into your select plot to desired height/depth.

Next, tie rope to one stake, WRAP (not tie!) around middle stake, & tie off on the other end.

Repeat at desired intervals til you've reached the top!

Took maybe 10 minutes to complete & so far my pole beans are taking to it just fine!

Another work in progress for us is gardening in straw bales...

...but that's another post. ;) Time for me to head off to bed since my soccer stars kick off their season bright & early tomorrow morning. Night all & stay safe in this crazy weather!


Melissa @ Little Raindrops said...

Great idea! I attempted my first garden this year and the critters tore it to shreds. =\ I was looking at bean trellises and passed on the price, but I think I'll try your cheaper method next time! And I've been hearing a lot about the hay bale method recently. I'd love to read about how it goes for you!

maddie said...

It worked great for us! My beans are done for the season, so I just dug up the posts & relocated it over to aid some newly accquired tomatoes.
As for the straw bales....not as much success. After a lot of rain in the spring/early summer, they got infested with slugs. >.<
So I shredded them down & used them to fill random holes around the yard. lol