14 January 2013

Picnic Table Redo!

While scanning thru potential DIYs for the house this year I stumbled across this gem from Caroline's Crafty Corner!
We were gifted a Little Tikes table 4 years ago now from a PCSing family back in Wyoming. It was well loved, but still in great shape! It's been a favorite of the monsters, but has definitely been getting dingier as time has worn on.
TADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much better, right?

Following Caroline's post I took apart our table, painted the sides, & stapled fabric and vinyl on top of the table and seats. & yes, it was really that easy! Budget friendly too, as all my expenses (2 cans of plastics paint & 1.5 yards each of cotton fabric & 006 vinyl) totaled in just under $20!
The redo is a hit & perfect timing too...Gwen will soon be using it as her desk when homeschooling starts this fall!


Caroline said...

Great job! Thanks for the link. I'm glad the monsters love it!

maddie said...

Anytime! Thanks again for your OP! :)