29 April 2013

Classroom Organization - Desk Bags!

For those of you who don't know, we'll be homeschooling the monsters come August!  We've got the books, started the lesson plans, but I'm finding that my biggest problem lies in room and organization.  I want each child to have their own "space" for their daily books and supplies, but I'm limited to using a corner of my living room as our classroom.  Doesn't leave much room for shelving/storage.

So when I found this easy desk bag tutorial on Pinterest a few weeks ago, I had to give it a try!

They ended up turning out REALLY cute! :)

The black material is duck cloth and the accent fabrics are cotton.  The one above is for x3, our resident animal lover, while x2 picked out pink and orange peace signs and x1 went with a pirate/shark pattern.

I ended up simplifying the pattern a bit and cut out the trims and bias tape.  Also had to tweak the measurements a little bit, since not all chair backs have the same dimensions.

All in all, each bag took me maybe an hour to put together and is pictured holding 1 composition book, 6 spiral notebooks, 1 folder w/activity sheets, and one small book with no sign of stretching/popping seams.  Looks as if it has enough room to throw a pencil pouch in if needed as well! 

Definitely a cute little project that will be a BIG help to us this fall!

7/10/13 - UPDATE!!!
The desk bags have been going strong for us all summer, but I've noticed they like to slip off the top of the chairs when pulled/brushed against.  Solution?  I added 2 snaps to the flap of the bag to help keep them on the chairs!  Almost a week later & they haven't budged! :)

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