23 July 2013

Dog Days of Summer

Yesterday our little fluffball, Remy, celebrated his 3rd birthday!  Naturally the monsters decided it was only right to throw him a party.

"I has a birthday gift!"
Little background info on Remy....although he loves all the monsters, x2 is by far -his- girl.  She found him in October '10, the lone & sad older puppy in the back of the cage amidst all the little jumpy lickers scrambling for her attention.  She went to pet him, he wagged his tail at her, & nothing else mattered.
"Yep, she loves me."
It hasn't always been easy with the stubborn little schnauzer, but as far as she's concerned, it was love at first sight. 

Fast forwarding back to the party...everyone, human & pup alike, had a blast! 
We made cheap/easy party hats using this template.  Monsters colored & then cut out their hats, ran them through the laminater (w/help, of course), punched a few holes, added yarn, & rocked their new creations!
Party on!
We also were able to enjoy the weather outside for a little while, which has been a welcome change considering we've been plagued with rain for the past month or so around here.  Party games included lots of fetch, bubbles, & rope tug-of-war!

And what would a party be without cake?  We found this awesome puppy cake recipe on Pinterest the other day & the dogs devoured their pieces immediately & hopefully awaited seconds. 
nom nom nom
 It's a super quick & simple recipe & I even added in a few pieces of bacon for extra flavor.
We humans, however, stuck to brownies. :)

Anyone else celebrating a monster's (human or fur!) birthday this summer?  If so, what all do you have planned?

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Gigi said...

So wonderful! Wish I could have been there to celebrate with you all.