30 July 2013

Time4Learning Review

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that the monsters & I received an invite for a free trial from the homeschooling website/program Time4Learning?  Well, here's our 2 week review!
They love it!
Honestly not a day goes by that x1 & x2 haven't asked to "play" their school games. There are tons of Language Arts units, Math sections, Science studies, & Social Studies reviews for them to do & all lessons are kept in a very simple yet engaging child-friendly format.
x1 going over his math skills (ones/tens/hundreds).
x2 taking her turn at sorting/detecting patterns.
Everything they do is recorded for grading purposes & I have full access/control on setting up their lessons for the year.  Time4Learning also has a "playground" feature filled with educational games for the students to access as a reward for a successful school session, yet the parental controls allow you to set how long each schooling session is as well as how many minutes the students are allowed to spend in the playground.

My PERSONAL opinion...Time4Learning is a GREAT resource & homeschooling tool, but I don't think it's enough -for us- to use as a sole/core curriculum, as (#1) I'd like a wider spectrum of material to be covered & (#2) I prefer more "real world" learning & don't want their schooling to be entirely based online.  I definitely love the fact that I have access to 3 grade levels per child (the grade they're at, one above, & one below) so that I can better gauge where the monsters are academically compared with their public school peers. 
At this half-way mark in our trial I can honestly say I have no complaints with Time4Learning & their program!  Stay tuned as I'll have x1 & x2 give their own reports once the month is up. =)

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