18 December 2011

"Coolest mom EVER"

While most parents/teachers/care givers in general discourage kids from coloring anywhere but the paper, I'm the one painting on my kids. Yesterday after painting some 'snowflakes' (coffee filters), I decided to set up a little tat shop of my own. ;)

Okay, so I'm not the greatest artist. But, according to Lynneth, I'm now officially the coolest mom EVER. I'll take it. ;)

Even the hubby had to join in on the fun.

My arm, per request of the kids -

The one I hope to, in some caliber, actually make permanent one day...

What are some things you find as a parent you go against the 'norm' for with your kids?

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Melissa @ Little Raindrops said...

Too cute! Ever since my oldest son saw some tattoos that my friend had, he frequently asks me if he can have pictures on his body, so we do this occasionally too. :-)
I'm not sure what we do that goes outside the norm, but we definitely aren't afraid to get messy! What's a little mess when you're making memories, right? :-D