01 January 2012

New Year, New Outlook

Ah, so much has happened since my last post. We've celebrated Yule with the monsters (& hubby's!) first ice skating adventure and had a wonderful Christmas weekend with family and friends.

Drew & Lyn are now proud scooter owners & Gwen has recently just gotten her first McD's Play Place adventure under her belt.

And now here we are in 2012. This past year out family has gone from this

to this

School crept up on us in August. Andrew is now in K, Lynneth started PreK. I finally got my butt in college classes. We celebrated our last first birthday in September, DH ranked up & will be pinning on Staff Sgt within the next few months. We had various ups & downs on our ventures around town (Lyn's doomed pageant, anyone?) & completed a multitude of fun/new DIY crafts. We explored the oldest city in the U.S. together for the first time (St. Augustine, FL), planted an amazing garden that's STILL producing tomatoes & peppers, got involved in the base/Youth Center's soccer program, moved into a bigger house, saw a Cubs/Braves baseball game, and Sam & I enjoyed the Wizarding World of Harry Potter/Medieval Times for our anniversary. All in all, 2011 was a blast for the Davis family.

For 2012 I have no resolutions. Instead I'm participating in One Word 365's challenge. You choose ANY word you want as a reminder of what you want to achieve & it is supposed to help filter how and what you do in the coming year.
My word? Focus
I desperately need focus. I lack consistent focus. I have so many things I want to accomplish personally that I keep on the back burner because I don't think I can devote the time to them. Little, totally irrelevant/unimportant issues get between me & my goals & I find myself at my breaking point more times than I care to count over it. Not anymore.
My family, my goals, my focus. Hang on for a wild 2012. ;)
Happy New Year to you & yours...may it hold all you need. -Maddie


Melissa @ Little Raindrops said...

What a sweet family you have! It sounds like you had quite an exciting time last year. :-)

I like this idea of one word versus normal resolutions. It seems every year that I get carried away with a list of things to change and I always fall short. Focus is a trait to, well, focus on! I know exactly what you mean about too many things, too little time. I get so frazzled because it feels like I have a million things I want to learn/accomplish/make/etc. Now that the year is halfway over, I hope you've seen some progress with your goal and find yourself more focused!

maddie said...

Thank you!
It's been much more laid back around here, which is saying something with kids, dogs, school, & mil life in general.
We've been able to accomplish a lot more in & around the house just by focusing more on eachother vs what everyone else is doing. It's amazing the difference one little word can make!